Invest in Hedge Funds with Relative Value Strategies

Hedge fund

Even retail investors can invest in hedge funds. One of the low-risk hedge funds is a fund that uses a relative value strategy. In the relative value strategy, the fund invests based on whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued compared to its intrinsic value. In addition to buying, relative value strategies involve short selling. […]

How to Send Money Overseas for Offshore Investment

Offshore Investment

When you invest overseas, you have to send money to another country. This is an international money transfer, so it is more complicated than domestic money transfers. However, when you invest offshore, you can make better investments than you can in your home country. This is why many people invest overseas, even if the process […]

Characteristics of Arbitrage Strategy Hedge Funds and Investment

Hedge fund

There are several ways to make money through investing, and one of them is arbitrage trading. Although it involves investing in stocks, bonds, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc., it is a far different approach than the general investment method. While individual investors can engage in arbitrage trading, it is difficult to make money continuously. This is […]

Cutting Losses and Securing Profits When Investing in Hedge Funds

Hedge fund

When hedge fund managers manage their assets, they are constantly fixing profits and cutting losses. It is not surprising that hedge funds that produce absolute returns are always trading. On the other hand, the same is true for individual investors. An ordinary person with 30,000 US dollars to spare can invest in hedge funds using […]

Difference between Hedge Funds and Peer-to-Peer Lending

Hedge fund

Stocks and bonds are common investment options. While many people invest in these traditional assets, there are other ways to invest in asset management. Hedge funds and peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending) are known as investment methods other than stocks. Hedge funds and peer-to-peer lending allow you to increase your assets regardless of the economy. Therefore, […]

Endowment Investment Portfolios by Harvard University

Investment Strategy

There are many prestigious universities in the United States. These universities collect large donations, and American universities are increasing their money by managing their assets. By increasing their assets, they are able to create research funds and provide scholarships to outstanding students. Among US universities, Harvard University is known for its excellent asset management performance. […]

Investing in Hedge Funds with Market Neutral Strategies

Hedge fund

Hedge funds are generally thought of as investment funds that increase assets with high-risk and high-return strategies. However, hedge funds have various strategies, and some of them can increase assets with low risk. As a low-risk hedge fund, alternative investments are the most widely used. On the other hand, hedge funds that invest in stocks […]

Regent Prime and Elite Review at FTLife Life Insurance

Offshore Investment

By purchasing life insurance sold in tax havens, you can efficiently increase your assets. Life insurance is the lowest risk asset management product, and if you want to increase your money many times over with principal protection, purchasing offshore life insurance is an excellent choice. Among the offshore life insurance products, the Regent Series is […]

Investing in Hedge Funds with Global Macro Strategies

Hedge fund

When investing, an important way is to invest in hedge funds. Even retail investors can invest in hedge funds and increase their assets with high yields. There are many different strategies used by hedge funds. One of the most famous strategies is the global macro strategy. Hedge funds that use the global macro strategy have […]

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