Types of Leveraged ETFs: Bull and Bear US Mutual Funds

Offshore Investment

Leveraged ETFs allow you to increase your assets efficiently. While they are not suitable for long-term investments, you can earn 30-40% returns in a month or two by using leveraged ETFs for short-term investments. However, there are many types of leveraged ETFs. The investment portfolio varies widely, and the yield will vary depending on which […]

Corporations Manage Assets in Bonds and Earn Dividends and Interest


When a company has spare cash, it can increase its money through asset management. A company needs to make low-risk investments, and bonds are particularly popular investments. By investing in government and corporate bonds, the company can earn dividends. The annual interest rate varies depending on the bond the company invests in, with low-risk bonds […]

INDA Is a Recommended Mutual Fund and ETF for Indian Stocks


When investing in countries with high economic growth rates, India is the most recommended place to invest. In many emerging countries, stock prices have not been rising. However, India is known to be an exceptionally good investment destination. When investing in India, many people use mutual funds (ETFs). It is rare for people to invest […]

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